As a market leader and primary supplier of world leading instruments to specific automation applications in the industry, Here are some of the projects of the service supplied by Brenley Engineering Sales to the industry.

Farmpack asked us to help with a solution to their box folding machine.

The problem was that there where about 8 people working on the machine after the boxes where folded to square, count, stack & strap the boxes.

This is how the machine worked in the past:



We have managed to increase time and production:

We then in conjunction with Vertex & Festo designed a simpler and better way for the machine to work, with only 3 people working on the whole machine.From the boxes are folded they don’t touch a human hand again until it is strapped. It has increased their production time & and production.



Control Panels and Cylinders

Brenley recently took part in the assembly of a shipment of eight control panels specially built for a customer. Each control panel consisted of twelve control valves to control ninety-six cylinders. This formed part of an automation of a boiler stack which keeps the burner nozzles clean and therefore creates less pollution. There were also two thousand meters of tubing involved to connect the valve to the ninety-six pneumatic cylinders.

This is all part of the service supplied by Brenley Engineering Sales to the industry.

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