Innovative Valve Technology. We offer you valves and valve solutions for nearly all applications. In addition to direct acting, pilot operated and force pilot operated and direct acting solenoid valves, pressure controlled valves, motor-driven valves and accessories.

GSR valves are used in nearly all applications.

For example:

  • in high-pressure applications up to 900 bar
  • in high temperature applications up to 400°C
  • in gas applications
  • in natural gas filling stations
  • for hydrogen
  • in the food processing industry
  • for water treatment
  • for high viscosity media as wax, oil, resin, colors
  • grease of blank sheets
  • Used in the car wash industry and automotive industry.

Valve normally closed by spring power. When the actuator is pressurized, he lifts the piston and simultaneously the valve head – the valve opens. Valves of this type are also available with the function open by spring force. Moreover, a double acting actuator is available which enables any flow direction.

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