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pro M tec is a leading provider of precise industrial measurement technology for determining the density / concentration of liquids using the microwave radiation method directly in the process.


Pro M Tec


GSR – Innovative Valve Technology. We offer you valves and valve solutions for nearly all applications. In addition to direct acting, pilot operated and force pilot operated and direct acting solenoid valves, pressure controlled valves, motor-driven valves and accessories.


We provide continuous In-Line measurement of concentration, typically displayed as: %, % Solids, Brix, RI, or various engineering units.

We are known around the world for unique innovation without compromise, sophistication while maintaining user simplicity, and superb service to our extremely wide customer base. Serving all major Pulp and Paper industries.


Liquid Solids Control, Inc.

Neltec real time color

One of the most important quality parameters in sugar trade is the colour of the sugar, because the colour gives an indication of how pure the sugar is. Pure sugar is white. The impurities are coloured, so sugar with an intense colour has lower purity.