Inline Concentration Control with microwaves plus PDF Download
  • For continuous and batch vacuum pans and also for other applications
  • Flange mounted
  • Easy to install
  • All-in-One: microwave module,Pt100, insertion sensors, cables,installation flange,
  • Calibration via bluetooth connection

Inline Concentration control Pdf download:

Inline Concentration Control Pdf

The Measurement principle

Microwave concentration measurement is based on the principle that microwaves are absorbed
by free water molecules.
The measurement signal therefore experiences a phase shift in comparison to a reference
signal and a damping of the amplitude, i. e. the measurement correlates with the water content
of the medium.
From this information it is calculated a value for the water content, density or total dry matter.

Technical data sheet
Technical data sheet
Housing Aluminium wall housing, protection IP65, ca. 160 x 160 x 120 mm
Weight ca. 8,5 kg
Mounting Flange connection 4 x M6 on Ø 85
Counter flange dimensions Inner diameter Ø 65 mm H8, outer diameter 150 mm
Power supply 24 V DC, max. 1.000 mA
Microwave Extremely stabile phase, attenuation and level measurement with PLL-synthesizer, 2.45 GHz, transmission performance 10 mW, 10 dBm
Microwave cable 2 coaxial cables 50 Ω included
User Interface by AndroidTM-Smartphone via bluetooth connection
Output 4-20 mA isolated output for concentration, load max. 500 Ω
Data interface Bluetooth for calibration, data output and data recording via smartphone, internal USB interface for software update
Data memory via smartphone
Environment temperature 0 to 50°C
Temperature Compensation Pt 100 with two-wire-system
System configuration and calibration using BLUETOOTH REMOTE CONNECT ANDROID APP on your smartphone

Bring your own device (BYOD), your own tablet or smart phone powered by AndroidTM and use our application as user interface for the controller. Find this application on Google Play Store!

Microwave Technology

As the Sub-Saharan agents for proMtec a world leading supplier using microwave transmission technology for a precise industrial measurement of the density/concentration of liquids directly in the process, we are dedicated to finding the right solution to your measurement and control applications.

The product range covers special sensors for the installation in piping and for containers and apparatuses in the industrial production. The sensors thus measure directly in the main stream of the process. This guarantees a representative measurement directly in the process cycle.

The majority of the delivered sensors require a product- and application-specific adjustment. With its know-how and longstanding-experience pro-M-tec stands for world-wide start-up and calibration services.

Inline Concentration Control µ-ICC 2.45

With the measuring systems µ-ICC 2.45 standard and µ-ICC 2.45 compact proMtec finds the best solution for your process.

Both systems are based on the long time approved and permanent advanced technology of the µ-ICC 2.45.

The advantages are obvious:
  • measurement is contactless and maintenance free
  • appropriate for pipelines and also vessels
  • representative, because of evaluating the whole product stream
  • independent of dirt and caking
  • accuracy comparable with your laboratory results
  • simple calibration and handling
  • rugged design for rough process environments

Depending on your process requirements proMtec arranges an individual configuration with the best fitting sensor probes.

µ-ICC 2.45 standard – four channel technology for highest flexibility

If you want to use multiple measurements, this proven system is the optimal solution. It is composed of the three components evaluation unit (A), microwave module (B) and the probe (C). This configuration can be expanded to up to four measurements. Even with only two measuring points you’ll reach significant cost savings. Nevertheless, with the modular design you remain extremely flexible.

µ-ICC 2.45 compact – powerful and versatile compact device

The optimal solution for single measurement tasks. There is a combination of two components – the evaluation unitand the probe. All electronic hardware is housed inside the device. Despite the compact design this device containsa lot of new useful features.

In short – with this system you have selected an individual and cost-effective solution.

Sensor types

The individuality of each measurement lies in the adaptation to your process environment.

proMtec offers a wide range of sensor types and is therefore able to adjust the probes to various measurement tasks and environmental conditions.

The majority of measuring tasks are typically solved with the following possibilities:

Applications for individual production conditions

The applications of proMtec are in principle suitable for the measurement of aqueous media, like for example aqueous solutions, suspensions and pastes – in particular to

Concentration measurement

Dry mass , Brix, water content and other arbitrary user specific measured variable

Density measurement

typically g/cm3, g/l, kg/m3 and further specific measured variables like Baumé etc.

Crystallization process control/tracking

in particular in the sugar industry

Evaporation process control

Process control directly in the tank

Phase separation and deduction
What does the measurement of concentration by microwaves achieve for your process?
  • The measurement is contact less, therefore the attrition of the sensors is absolutely minimal. There is practically no maintenance.
  • The measurement is adequate for the main material stream in pipelines and for vessels, i.e. inline in your process. Such a measurement evaluates the real process as it is. Therefore you don’t have to rely on a measurement installed in a bypass which often cannot fully represent the main material stream.
  • Based on the transmission through a representative cross-section of the product stream you measure „correctly“, you measure what counts.
  • The measurement does not depend on optical transparency of the product and therefore it is almost independent of contamination and deposit on the sensor probes. So you have chosen a safe measuring procedure.
  • Depending on the application you achieve during process measurement a high degree of precision which is comparable to the precision of your laboratory analysis results. Hence you can continuously benefit from the safety of your laboratory control in process.
What does proMtec achieve for you?
  • When speaking to us, you can profit from the experience of thousands of realized measurements. Each measurement available on the market has to be carefully introduced into the existing measurement conditions, and it has to be calibrated: all concentration measuring instruments available on the market at the moment do not measure the concentration directly but comparatively, i.e. by a calibration received from standards the measurement is adapted to the given application in your industrial process. This way we go along with you.
  • The installation: we familiarise ourselves comprehensively of your measuring application before we make recommendations as to the optimal installation position.
  • proMtec is operating with its measuring systems world-wide on all continents, i.e. you can trust in measuring systems which have worked and which have been accepted under the toughest conditions on-site.
  • proMtec and Brenley works only on installing instruments in industrial processes, i.e. you can be sure that we know what you are talking about. We already know your problem.
  • proMtec and Brenley is focused 100% on concentration measurement with microwaves, i.e. as soon as there is further progress in thistechnology we will think about the usability of these accomplishments for the needs of our clients.

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